Friday, July 29, 2016

Yes, I read your comments and opinions and reflect on them daily.

Please don't confuse this with a statement that you feel keeps your silly theories running on and on. I don't run the site, never have, what I do is technical and only to keep the site up and running. Did all the other sites meet your needs? No, that's why you are here complaining that our site keeps going down. We've been attacked a thousand times by DDoS and several other methods to prevent your words from being heard. Now you want to blame the one person keeping the site active? Ok. Fair enough. Who else is to blame. Maybe I haven't been taking as good of care of the site as someone making tons of money, which I don't. Maybe you should complain even more about me, when I'm only trying to help. Or maybe you should realize I'm just here to make things run as smoothly as possible to keep the site running. I have no further obligations, nor do I care what you talk about. I just respect your right to say what you feel and will continue to dedicate myself to the membership that values what we are accomplishing here. That being said, we are working towards a much better solution to downtime, by switching hosts to a more reliable company and more reputable than HOSTGATOR. Who has failed this membership and site, time and time again. I'm constantly monitoring and paying attention to things you could potentially think are insignificant. However, this site has a large following of lovers and haters. We expect some downtime when we get attacked by DDoS and various other methods we've noted over the years. We have implemented several measures in the past year to avoid downtime and are working towards a much better (and more permanent) solution. You all should understand how much time this can take. Please have patience. And to all the loyal followers, please understand, we are working on a solution. This is not just a load of BS to give you and make you feel complacent. Please give us some time to fix the problem, before giving up completely. GG will never die, if you don't let it.


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