Thursday, January 14, 2016

Downtime today... apologies

Yes, today we were down for several hours and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience of that. Apparently, our webserver host decided to prevent access to our website while they claimed there was content in a thread that was "phishing" which violates our Terms of Service ... After notification of this, they promptly took action which was clearly unprofessional and ignorant. Speaking with one of their technical support persons - who didn't understand why I would be requesting access to the site to see this content they claimed was against the TOS - I realized they don't have our best interests in mind, as they wouldn't provide me access to see the content, nor would they let me see the "report" they received. All they provided was a link to the page, which turns out had nothing like that on it, nor does any of our site have "phishing" links or anything like that. If and when we do - they are quickly removed, and the user is banned. So, turns out they made a "mistake" - blaming their 3rd party company that deals with these reports - and brought the site back online. I told them it is not acceptable to prevent access to the site without giving me a chance to deal with reports such as that beforehand and will likely not be a customer much longer. Their response - we apologize - let us credit you a day of service ... are you kidding me?? This has got to be the most idiotic response. Of course you will credit us for the service, you thought we paid for downtime? No, we pay for uptime. Needless to say, as I have previously commented in other posts, we are looking into some upgrades this year - one of which will be finding a new host that has our best interests in mind and aren't going to make ignorant mistakes that cause unnecessary downtime. In addition to that, we are looking into changing the forum software to something more capable than what we currently are using. We appreciate the continued support and loyal membership that we have and will always attempt to give the best possible outlet for your gossiping needs! Thank you and have a Happy New Year!!!