Monday, June 13, 2016

Email Issues - currently blocked by SBCGLOBAL.NET

We are currently noticing failed emails to the SBCGLOBAL domain ... if you attempt to register or get our notification emails from an domain you need to change your email address. Many reasons could have caused our email server to be blocked, including sending our notification emails to your spam folder because you didn't (or were too lazy) to prevent them from sending, via the website's User Control Panel - which is where you can change your email and other settings, including getting emails from us. IF... you put us in a spam folder, this causes many issues and affects your account as well. Please do not do this! IF... that isn't the case and it was another reason, apologies for the issue with your email server... you can also contact your domain administrator for the SBCGLOBAL email address (which might be served by AT&T) ... and ask them to unblock our domain. Thanks. Again, we are working on getting this problem resolved, but this is not a fast process and sometimes takes a very long time to get results from the stupid company that decided to block our email domain. The only emails we send out, you've signed up for - generally used for activation/registration and notification emails only... we RARELY send anything else out... WE DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL FOR MARKETING PURPOSES OR SELL IT TO A THIRD PARTY OR ALLOW YOUR INFORMATION TO BE COMPROMISED.