Sunday, October 25, 2020

Discord Deleted Explanation

Yes, the Discord was deleted. Don't let the gossip fool you, it was because of the moderators were abusing their privileges and they attacked the servers. Therefore they were removed until further notice when the discord and site can be properly built to avoid such pitfalls. However, We do plan to rebuild and make it more integrated together in hopes of avoiding such issues, while providing more functionality than before. Also, we have let Morgan go and will continue with a new developer, under the username of Nefario. We also suggest you be leary of the attempts to pull you into another server, as they are likely to dox you or get your personal information to leak it. As much as they seem legitimate, it would be unwise to take what they say at face value as the information they have provided is innaccurate at best. As you will all see in due time, I'm sure, these moderators just want to control you. Regardless, if you feel that is the best route for your discussions, then by all means, go with them. We have never tried to lock anyone into being here, nor will we. Morgan has handed the proverbial keys over graciously and is walking away as I'm sure many would due to those moderators which have been harrassing him and stalking him. Believe it or not we will be moving forward with our plans to archive the forum and rebuild it. This however, could take some time and while there is this stigmatism of mistrust, it won't be easy. We understand your confusion and hesitation of whether this is possible or true, but there is little we can do but show you through our actions that we are serious. That will be obvious in the coming months as we roll out the continuation of the plan that was laid out prior to this entire fiasco. We agreed to take this project on under certain conditions however. One of those conditions is that members follow the rules, which includes not attacking the staff. It will be rough at first, as we have concerns due to this group deciding to dox people and attempt to take over the server that we were using. For your information, we expect this behavior to stop immediately and if it continues, it will be dealt with accordingly. Here is what we have planned - archive the existing phpBB Forum and content to ensure readability and data retention, as well as an attempt to convert or rebuild as much of the layout of the site as possible, with improvements. Also we are open to discussions for options or additional functionality, however, as always we will retain full control. This is NOT open for discussion. If this is unacceptable, then feel free to make your home elsewhere in another community. However, we hope those who have been members for a long time will understand this is just another stepping stone for the growth that was necessary for Guru Gossip to take. Please know that much of the information that has been passed around was false and or twisted to fit the needs of the few attempting to hijack the community. Our goal is simple. To build the community for the majority of you to enjoy as you see fit, within reason, while allowing for an appropriate amount of functionality and quality together. Keeping in mind this means there will be moderation and some rules as there has always been in the past. But we hope to curb the issues of a power struggle and avoid biased moderators as some of you have recently experienced. If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to Nefario for now, until we setup a better system for communication. Thank you all for your time and loyalty to Guru Gossip.