Sunday, September 5, 2010


Guru Gossip Forum

Click the link above or go to and come post on the forum. Thanks to all that enjoyed the blog, but I no longer have the time or interest in doing it. The forum is where it's at now!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Someone got busted Photoshopping!!! So, the deal is, FatNeagle posted a Twitpic of her supposed progress in her attempts to lose weight. The photos at the top are the real deal which she has now posted in her latest video, but the one at the bottom is the doctored one which she tried to pass off in her Twitpic. Everyone can see that FatNeagle has indeed lost a good deal of weight. So, why try to be fake about it, Nat? You see, this is why you get trolled and hated on so much. You're SO fake! It's like you've lost the ability to be honest about your life. First it was lies about your clothing size, then the brilliant stories of eating next to nothing for weeks on end and now the obvious doctored picture. To top it all off, you knew you got busted when people called you out so you took the time to delete over 29,000 tweets of of your twitter page. For your own good sake, Nat, take some of that money you constantly spend on yourself and do something worthwhile with it... like see a psychiatrist!

Also, isn't there a child welfare law that says children of the opposite sex over the age of 5 are not meant to be sharing a bedroom? Maybe you should set aside some of that money you spend on vacations, tattoos, shoes and makeup to get your children into a better housing situation.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, I have no clue who this YouTuber even is. Someone on my forum started a topic about her a few months ago, but recently it's completely blown up. People that know her as well as her family are all posting on there. There isn't much going on in the YouTube drama world at the moment. So, I thought I'd post this for you all to go have a peek at. It's pretty good reading!

BianceBlovesU forum post

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, FatNeagle decided recently to confront the Trollies. She called out to all Trollies to join her on BlogTV to talk about why she is hated so much. In true Nat style, she did this on a Friday night when most people are out doing anything but sitting in front of their computers. For the few Trollies who were about to chat, it went as expected. Nat didn't like anything that was said and played the victim as always. If you ask me, this was just another fishing trip. She was having a bad night and wanted her minions to tell her over and over how fantastic she is. Puh-lease!!!

The day after her BlogTV invite, Nat took to her blog in an attempt to get her minions to continue jumping on her bandwagon. She started her blog by randomly talking about buying some cheap makeup, being unemployed and basic dribble. Then she finally got around to taking the blog to the Trollie talk. (I'll include a link at the end so that you can go read her post and see what she had to say for yourselves.) Obviously, Nat is losing her minion support. Her blog post was a fail. She ended up getting more hate than love. So, she made the post private. Gotta love Google though! So... here's Nat's Trollie rant. Enjoy.

FatNeagle Trollie Post

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kandee Johnson Again!

Kandee Johnson the Scam Artist is at it again. On 19 March, she made a blog post thanking the people who were stupid enough to donate money to her via PayPal. Sounds nice, right? Well, yes it is... until she starts again going on and on about how much more money she is in need of in order to continue paying her solicitor for her ongoing court cases. According to Kandee, just days after posting the donate button for people to click on, she'd already received $3,500. She also claims that there was an additional $3,650.38 added into the account. So, as I said, she thanks her supporters for this money. Where this all jumps back onto the scam artist bus is when Kandee then tells her blog readers/supporters that she is going to need more than $10,000 more dollars to get her through her court appearances. She claims, "I am not saying this so anyone will want to donate, but just so you know, that each check, each penny that was sent, I put in a special envelope, which I thanked God for each of the precious hands, that in their hearts, gave with a true giving heart." In short.... please give me more money so that I can pay for my solicitor, take my friends out to eat and go shopping. In fact, just days after posting that she needs money, she posted another blog about her day out shopping with her mother and even included photos of her with her bags of new things.

This woman never ceases to amaze me. She's like the new Jim Jones. Next thing we know, she'll be convincing all of her supporters to sign over their life insurance to her and then kill themselves so that she can collect. It's a shame that scam artists like this are allowed to get away with such bullshit!!

If you'd like to read the entire blog post that she made, here is the link....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Allthatglitters21 & Juicystar07

Not much to say on this... but, I love that the ladies basically bash "Blair" for quiting school so that she can spend more time shopping!!! 

Also, everyone keeps speculating on why "Elle" and "Blair" are moving to LA. I'm going to put my money on an affiliation with The Station. "Blair" gets mentions in certain people's videos from time to time and there is also the Whatadayderek ordeal. Makes perfect sense to me. I'll bet that she is going to go work with them and have her videos done by them. Since "Blair" is under 18, she can't move there alone and her family has business ties in Tennessee. Hence the reason "Elle" is moving there with her. "Blair" needs a mommy figure. All of the talk of them doing a reality TV show and such is a bit far fetched, but The Station idea sounds plausible. "Blair" is the real ticket in their situation. Although I find her dull and at times annoying, I can see where she would appeal to young girls. "Elle" on the other hand... um NO. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Operation Don't Let Fat Neagle Win!!!

Calling all Trollies!! Nat Neagle has entered a contest to meet Bobbi Brown. According to her tweets, the top three people win. As of right now, she is in 4th place. We need to bump her down a few more spots to ensure that someone who is truly deserving actually wins. Voting is simple. Just click on whoever is right after Nat and vote for that person. Bookmark the page and keep going back to vote. 


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lack of posts and forum

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. There just isn't much going on that I feel the need to blog about. Nat Neagle is still fat and a bad mother. Kandee had her final day in court. MsFili is back and pretty boring. Pinkiecharm is still hoarding... you get my gist. In the meantime, I thought I'd link everyone to a forum where you can create your own topics and bitch about who ever is getting on your nerves. You don't have to register unless you want to post pics or links (the forum host makes that rule, not me!). So, click on the link and give it a go!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kandee Update

There is finally some news on the whole Kandee Johnson ordeal! She went to court today and plead guilty to contributing to her son's educational neglect. Shamefully, in exchange for her guilty plea on this charge, the child endangerment charges were dropped. Her sentence was a measly $130 fine and a 90 days suspended jail time. She'll now be required to report to a juvenile probation officer if her son has to miss any school. She claimed to have set three alarm clocks and to have always made sure he gets on the bus to school. This is hard to believe seeing as she is quite often not even home. It was also said that he missed so much school because of stomach issues. Her solicitor also claims that she spends hours each week putting videos onto YouTube "without compensation" WTF?!?!? I think everyone knows that YouTube partners make money. He claims that the 12 year old child took advantage of his overwhelmed mother of three. She only has custody of one child. The two younger children actually live with their father. I'd not be shocked if the true reason her son has missed so much school is because she leaves him home alone when she is off in LA and NYC doing her Glaminars.

I, for one, hope that her son has an unexcused absence from school and Kandee has to serve out her 90 days in jail. Maybe that would bring her out of the dreamworld that she lives in.

The full Record-Courier article... Kandee Article

Thursday, February 18, 2010


There has been some recent drama surrounding Irene aka Pinkiecharm about whether she is receiving free products from MAC or not. As we all know, she gets a lot of free products from Stila. I don't see how it's hard to believe that she's now getting products from MAC also. The good drama revolving around this topic comes in the form of Irene's MakeupAlley swapping. Recently she posted a video on YouTube reviewing the new Spring Forecast 1 collection. Wouldn't you know that before even making that video live she had the "free" items up for swap on MakeupAlley?!

Now, I'm not one to hate or actually even care if "gurus" get free products to review and talk about. There are a lot of brands I would have never heard of if some YouTuber hadn't talked about it. But, I think it's complete bullshit that this Fupa Queen is taking the products she's reviewed and profiting off of them via swapping. She could use the products in her little "twitaways" and I wouldn't have anything to say about it. She already makes money off of YouTube and her blog. I'm sure a lot of the Stila products that she has up for swap were given to her for free as well. 

Another thing about Pinkiecharm that confuses me is why she actually hoards all of this make up. We've all seen in her videos that she barely wears it. She sticks to very neutral and light colours yet she has heaps of bright and bold colours in her collection. 

Honestly, a blog about Pinkiecharm really could go on for ages. There is so much out there about her and then her snobby attitude just adds fuel to the trolling fire. 

Just for the lolz.... 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Baaaaaaack!!

Nom nom nom nom 

Rate the fake arse pic!

Photoshop much?

She ran like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar when she got called out on her shite, but guess what, Trollies?! Msfililocalola is back!!! She's back with style too. Her first video is of course a haul and talk about wanting sexy white men to do sexual favours for her. Ironically, you don't hear her foster children in the background this time. Now that she's gotten rid of all the videos showing them, I'm sure we'll only see videos being filmed while they are not around.

I'm placing Msfili (and her lame friend OceanJessika) on the list of YouTube/Twitter attention whores. They followed the likes of Kelel Cullen and deleted basically everything to gain a bit of attention. Neither of these girls are even partnered though. Glad to see she's back though. Oh how I love watching a train wreck!!


Not much to say about this one. Everyone knows that Glittereyes82 is pure trash. This video is hysterical though!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Attention Whores

YouTube and Twitter are chocked full of attention whores. This type of thing truly annoys me to no end. You get  people like Kalel that delete their videos and make "huge" announcements about it to attrack attention and try to gain viewers. You've got idiots like Nat Neagle that tweet every tiny detail of their lives. You've got the shite talkers like MsFili that dishes it out but runs back to the closet when it comes back to her. Then you get people like TalkinMakeUp who was once famous for being stupid enough to attempt to defend the Fowlers sisters and will now be known as the bat shit crazy chick who ranted to a few well known "gurus" about how bad they suck only to go back and tell them how sorry she was a few hours later. Come on!!! The people you called out do suck! They are completely up their own arses and don't give a flying fuck about your nutty arse! You claim to know stuff about Lisa Fowler and threatened to tell everyone about it... pah! I'm sure that was yet another one of those stunts to try and get views. News Flash, TalkinMakeUp--- It's going to take more than a fake rant on a few much hated YouTubers to get people to watch you. You had your 15 seconds of fame, but blew it by going back to plant your lips firmly back on the arses of the people you "called out".

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michelle Phan wannabe


Seriously. Does no one in Nat Neagle's life mention or hint that her hair looks like complete and total shite? Does her husband actually allow her to go out into public without suggesting that she comb it? Poor girl. I think as a public service we owe it to her. She needs to know that the odd flip/curl thing just do not look right. Plus, the bad makeup and the tiny shirt she obviously borrowed from her daughter do not help!

Also... anyone else notice the lack of FTC disclosures on her videos? I think everyone knows about her relationship with Sigma and Coastal Scents. Maybe she should also be reported.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Just FYI... I know a lot of people have mentioned they'd like to be able to chat to other Trollies. I added a chat box onto the bottom of the forum I created. Feel free to use it!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kandee Johnson Update

Things aren't looking so hot for Kandee. Her court date was yesterday and it seems as though yet another charge was brought against her. This time she's in trouble for not making her son go to school. He missed so much school during the fall semester that he failed.

She's looking guiltier and guiltier!! Here's the article talking about it...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spreading Some Love

I'm feeling sweet today and in the mood for drawing attention to someone that I actually enjoy watching on YouTube. eRaness. This guy doesn't have a ton of subscribers and mostly does contest entries, but he does some insane looks. He uses Bitch Slap Cosmetics and is kind of over the top artsy in a good way. I think that everyone should check him out and give him some love.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Someone has WAY too much time on their hands! There is a person on the Msfili post that has spent the past 4 hours copying/pasting the same comment over and over. Seriously, who is psychotic enough to sit and do that for 4 hours straight?

I'm guessing that person is attempting to get this blog shut down. Sorry. Won't work. See, it's actually the blog that needs to be publishing hate speech in order to be in violation of the TOS. Congratulations fuckwit! You've just spent 4+ hours accomplishing nothing but giving me page hits!!! Thanks.

This blog isn't going anywhere. I'm a tough chick. Say whatever you want about me and toss as many empty threats out there as you'd like. Your hate only fuels my fire.


Last week, the lovely Torok and I discussed the fact that it would be nice if there were a forum available so that people could go and start their own topics to talk about YouTubers that they either hate or love. I said I'd have no problem creating one. Well, I've done it. Let me warn you... I'm not great with that type of thing. So it is VERY basic!! I tried to make it so that you could go on there and post anon, but I can't seem to work out how to make that possible. So, you do have to register. If you want to stay anon, just go over to Hotmail, Gmail or whatever and create an email just for the forum.

If you have any helpful tips or suggestions for me, please email me! I'm always open for suggestions.

UPDATE- I think you can now post as a guest on the blog.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Msfililocalola aka Msfili aka Ashlee Abella - update

So, I got an email from a supposed "real" friend of Ashlee Abella correcting me on the whole welfare thing. She's not on welfare. Her and her family actually have numerous foster children that they collect money for. This is why Ashlee will often refer to Friday as payday. That's the day she collects the cheque that is meant to be spent on the foster kids. That's class personified!!

FYI--- Torok, stickylipglossx and juicytuesday28 have no involvment in what I post on this blog. I post what I want to post and that's the end of the story. The email I got did NOT come from juicytuesday28 or stickylipglossx. If Msfili weren't guilty of something, she would have had no reason to go all psycho and delete her YouTube stuff. Use your heads, darlings.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Train Wreck

This weekend's Train Wreck is OceanJessika. Her videos are chocked full of cleavage, lips pouts and hair flipping. Good times!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Msfililocalola aka Msfili aka Ashlee Abella

So, last night I was on BlogTV taking part in a fun little troll chat and I decided to peek at Twitter. What do I see but a whole slew of posts from Msfili going on a tangent about juicytuesday. Who really knows what that whole situation is about and who cares. Now, I'll admit that I find her MsFili channel mildly entertaining. It goes along with that whole train wreck theory. I watch the videos and am amazed that this woman is actually putting things like this out there for people to see. I've tried watching some of her Msfililocalola videos and they're just ridiculous. She is right there with Glittereyes82 and likes to show random dollar store hauls. She also has a few food hauls. Seriously, no one wants to sit and watch some big girl shove her face with sushi rolls and then swallow it whole. Her hauls also feature a lot of high end makeup which she generally returns to the store after filming or sells it on a "blog sale" to get more money for her hauling. She constantly goes on and on about labels, but this chick isn't even close to being high class. At 31 years of age she is still living in her mother's basement and charges to watch after her foster children. She claims to own a H3 and a BMW. I'm going to take a leap and say that it's more along the lines of DRIVES a H3 and a BMW. Both of which surely belong to her mother. If the girl could afford to drive two mid level prices vehicles, the girl could afford to have her own place to live. There are rumours that she isn't actually a she. That would come as no surprise to anyone. "She" is a bit manly. There are also rumours that she gets her hauling money via a welfare cheque. This also would make sense. She claims to be a realtor, but there is no way that is true. I've never once seen reference to her going to do any type of work other than watching her mother's fosters. I've seen reference to her being paid on Fridays. So, it would make sense that she's collecting a government cheque for sitting on her arse all day.

In my opinion, this girl could possibly be awarded a title for YouTube train wreck of the year.

Train Wreck!

Yes trollers... we've got another YouTube train wreck. This one goes by the name of LovePeaceandLipGloss. I watched small bits of a bunch of her videos and I'm pretty much speechless. So, just enjoy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poor Kandee

In the beginning I didn't have much to say about this whole Kandee situation. It's getting insane now though. The donate button started things off. Now she's posting videos of herself being all sad and sullen to gain sympathy. Worst of all in my opinion is her getting her subscribers to attack other YouTubers such as Msfililocalola. 

Msfililocalola has this fantastic contest going on right now where you submit a video impersonating your favourite guru. There's nothing mean about this contest. It's a contest that is all in good fun and I've yet to see a single submission that takes things into the realm of being mean. Kandee obviously cant handle anyone impersonating her though. Come on Kandee... man up!! You're the one that put yourself on YouTube for all of the world to see. You're the one who chose to blog about having to go to court and got the gossip trains rolling. You've brought this all onto yourself. There is no reason for people to feel sorry for you. If you're innocent of your charges, the courts will find you so. You've created a scandalous situation for yourself and it's ridiculous that you are scooping so low as to have your "fans" attack others. You're constantly posting woe is me things on your twitter/facebook. Why don't you brush your shoulders off and go back to doing the fake, over the top happy clown act that you normally do. This whole feel sorry for me and don't attack me (but attack anyone who says something about me) thing is getting old!!!

YouTube's Hot Mess of the Day.....


Yes, I am aware that this look is a "joke". 
Take 10 minutes out of your day to 
click on a few of her other looks. Making 
fun of someone else is kind of lost on 
me when your daily makeup is more 
dramatic than most drag queens. 
She's WOW!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check it out!

I have no gossip on this YouTuber, but you need to check her out! I can't even put words to describe what you're going to see. Fake... freaky... just a complete oddball. The girl is cute, but her personality needs a makeover!

Thanks to my fab Twitter girl SnowWhite81 for finding this one!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The dish on Petrilude

This time I've got some real gossip for you. So, we all know that Petrilude is snarky with his fans and at times can be considered downright rude. I've got the real scoop on the flamer from the midwest. 

Ever wonder why he chose the name "Petrilude"? It's simple.... petri + lude = basement quaalude cooker. I know you've all wondered how he makes enough money to travel all over the country, buy his stylish Japanese clothing and have a makeup collection larger than Sephora. Now you know. BUT, that's just the beginning of the story on Petrilude. Anyone who follows him on twitter knows that he's very friendly with quite a few other YouTubers. He was in NYC and New Jersey "partying" with them over the holidays. Strangely, he seems to be in that area "partying" with the same group of people around every big holiday. There is a reason. Petrilude isn't just a huge YouTube guru and a basement quaalude cooker. He's also the head of a massive YouTube sex ring. You all think that the reason half of these YouTubers don't have real jobs is because they're wracking up the big bucks with Adsense. WRONG! Petrilude has them all hooked on ludes and turning tricks. There have been questions as to why Xsparkage is suddenly so boring in her videos... ummm... she's high as a kite on Petrilude's drugs. You all ask why tonjesml is so emo and only writes depressing songs... yep... you guessed it. She's high on Petrilude's drugs! You ask why jpmetz is so angry. Yeah, that's withdrawl symptoms from Petrilude's drugs. Thewillofdc can barely sit still in his videos. Yet again, it's Petrilude's drugs. So, the whole deal is that Petrilude supplies all of these young and innocent YouTubers with his basement drugs and they in turn pull johns whenever he's in the NYC/Jersey area to pay him back. The guy has fruits of all flavours. I know for sure that soundlyawake, tonjesml, macnc40, jpmetz, xsparkage, sayanythingbrooke, thewillofdc and glowpinkstah are all involved in his ring. I've heard rumours of many others.

It was bad enough that we had to deal with YouTubers who ask subscribers to get them a home, ones who prey on young boys to get nudes, FAS babies who torture us with videos of themselves eating pot pies after getting off and ghetto mini van hullers. Now it's reduced to 20somethings addicted to drugs and selling themselves for YouTubes #1 ego.

Friday, January 22, 2010

NatNeagle... The Beauty Brat?

We're going to start off with the "Guru" I find most annoying... Nat Neagle. I'll list a few tidbits that I've heard about her and you can all add whatever you'd like.

1. Known for being extremely needy. Continually posts compliment fishing comments on twitter, her blogs and randomly in her videos. She seemingly needs to hear from her minions how great she is or life just is not for this "Guru". We all know that Nat is her own greatest fan though. Go Nat!!!

2. Once had a PayPal donate button scandal where she attempted to get money from her subscribers to get enough money together to move out of her apartment after having spent her family's savings building up her MAC collection. Nat Neagle now claims this entire thing was a joke, but at the time it was far from a joke. She not only talked about how she needed money on her Twitter, but also wrote a blog about it (which has since been deleted).

3. Nat recently discovered Ugg boots and the hair flip. Both were popular in... oh ummm... 2000? She's rocking both currently and fishing for compliments on both. Go on, give her a twitter @reply and tell her how great they both look on her!

4. Nat enjoys blogging. She also enjoys gossiping just like we do. A few months ago, she wrote a blog about being a role model. No names were mentioned, but she did make it pretty clear who at least one of the people was that she blogged about. She called people out on their "scandalous behavior" suck as drinking and cursing. Now, if you're perfect, you could write a blog calling others out and get away with it. Nat is far from what I would consider a good role model though.

5. Our self described positive role model is ever so proud of the MAC Pro card she has. When she got it, it was a huge deal to her. She was all about telling everyone how to get one.... falsify documents!! Nat sent in documents proving that she was a freelance makeup artist. The strange thing is that months later she did her first ever makeup application on a person other than herself and proudly posted it onto her blog.

6. Nat is also obsessed with talking about her dieting habits. She loves to brag when she loses a pound. She recently got up the nerve to made a video showing her entire body. Is it a big deal that she's obese? Nope. A lot of people are. The fun bit about Nat's obesity is that she claimed to weigh over 200 lbs at 5'6" and wear a size 10 trouser. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Maybe a size 10 trouser bought at TJ Maxx and incorrectly labeled.

I'll end my part now and let you all take over. Make sure to suggest who else we should dish on in your comments.

xoxo Lucy Looselipss

From my friend Nat....

Dear Guru Gossiper AKA LuluLooselips,

Even though what you posted about me was twisted and far from any reality I am aware of, I am writing to inform you I will be seeking legal action regarding this blog if it is not removed. This post is not only slanderous and cruel, but far from the truth. Through my employer and my union I have lawyers that would be more than willing to prosecute you for what you are doing. It is illegal to post false information about others. YouTube is something I do for fun. Nothing more. If you don't like me, then don't watch. It makes no sense to do what you are doing. Posting inaccurate information like this can interfere with my day job - my career - and that is something I am not about to let happen.

So remove the blog. I am a professional and I am going to handle this in a professional manner.

You've had your fun. Game over