Monday, February 1, 2010


Last week, the lovely Torok and I discussed the fact that it would be nice if there were a forum available so that people could go and start their own topics to talk about YouTubers that they either hate or love. I said I'd have no problem creating one. Well, I've done it. Let me warn you... I'm not great with that type of thing. So it is VERY basic!! I tried to make it so that you could go on there and post anon, but I can't seem to work out how to make that possible. So, you do have to register. If you want to stay anon, just go over to Hotmail, Gmail or whatever and create an email just for the forum.

If you have any helpful tips or suggestions for me, please email me! I'm always open for suggestions.

UPDATE- I think you can now post as a guest on the blog.


  1. This is stupid. It's not high school and what gurus do with their lives is none of your business. Why critique them when there are ppl out there that makes these gurus look like angels? Take a look at yourself before u talk and judge other ppl.

  2. because we can, fat betch.

    it is our business, bb.

  3. Funny how u losers use "fat bitch" when u don't know what these ppl look like. Get a fucking life.

  4. This must be Teresa aka Juicytuesday again...

  5. I had no idea Juicytuesday28 was an actress

    Real name: Teresa Ulrich???

  6. I just noticed STICKYLIPGLOSSX is talking to Pedo PAT aka GLITTERSKRINK on Twitter, as if nothing happened between them! WTF? playin gamnes sticky?

    Sticky is clearly 2 faced. STICKY CANNOT be trusted.
    Did STICKY publically post up MSFILI's address here..although he denies it?

    In my opinion, Its looking more and more likely.

  7. It's nearly impossible to post a thread on your forum. The 'enter code' function doesn't work half the time.

  8. Where exactly is the 'enter code' area you're talking about? Some functions are only available to registered users... not by my doing, but by the actual forum's doing.