Friday, December 12, 2014

Site Adjustments

Hopefully you've seen how slow the site can run, because now it should be running much faster. I've made some notes and kept an eye on things and attempted to make the best configuration possible. Now the site should be performing much faster, so please feel free to hate on me now, lol.... ~<3~bipolarmorgan~

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tapatalk Upgrade tonight 10PM-11PM PST

We are upgrading Tapatalk on Monday 11-17-14 from 10-11PM PST ...

Guru Gossip Forum Rules


This page is designed to explain your responsibilities as a member of our forum. By following these rules, we ensure that our board runs smoothly and without problems. If you have any question regarding these rules, do not hesitate to contact a staff member with your question.

    Basic Rules
  1. Be respectful of other posters.
  2. Make an effort to post topics in the appropriate forum. If you are not sure whether or not there is a topic made, please use the search function located at the top of any page to search for one.
  3. Users should not attempt to moderate the forum. Use the report function or private messaging to alert a moderator to a situation that may need to be handled with moderation.
  4. Do not abuse the report function. One report for an off topic discussion or any other type of issue is enough for the mods to be alerted to a situation.
  5. Got a channel or blog you want to promote? Do so here. You can put urls in your signatures as well, but if you create any new topics they will be deleted.
  6. Refrain from posting any personal information (e.g. last names and addresses) that a YouTuber/Blogger/Personality has not released themselves. This also includes refraining from posting private photos that a YouTuber/Blogger/Personality has not released themselves on their public social platform accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc)
  7. Refrain from discussing/mocking mental and physical illnesses. You are not the personal doctor to anyone here, and thus should not suggest what anyone has, be it a member or the YouTuber.
  8. Refrain from using any form of hate speech, as it will not be tolerated. This includes body shaming and any post that is ethnically, racially, religiously, or sexually discriminatory.
  9. Breaking the following rules will result in having your account automatically permanently banned:
    • Excessive trolling and flaming will result in a permanent ban.
    • Only one account per person is permitted. Subsequent accounts may be merged or permanently banned.
    • Spam will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
    • No pornographic material is to be posted in any form including but not limited to pictures, videos, and links. This will also resort in a permanent ban.
    • Linking to pirated material or viruses is prohibited and will also resort in a permanent ban.


The site was down! but only for a bit :)

GG was down! We appreciate your patience! Thank you! Apologies, the host doesn't seem to know what happened, but is investigating.(Anonymous - easy to be rude when you are anonymous huh).... Listen, it's about time the attacks on Morgan stop. There is nothing he's done but try to resolve the issues with the site and has been attacked quite frequently lately. Guru Gossip came back online today with his help, and did NOT go down due to anything he has done. He is consistently monitoring the site and responding to requests. If you have anymore comments, feel free to make yourself anonymously look stupid below.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Candy, Spooky, Scary, Cool Costumes, People dressing up having a good time. Welcome to the Fall Season. Guru Gossip is coming back stronger, we've been doing a lot of behind the scenes things in attempt to improve service. Be expecting good things. After the new server upgrade, we've been looking into all the issues and are working towards making everything run a lot better. We hope you enjoy the changes so far. 

We feel the server is now fast enough to handle all the traffic and users, so we have been adjusting things to make things run good, with .... hopefully less errors. The technical team, ran by Morgan, has been hard at work attempting to work out the issues. Since the Forum has been run off phpBB for several years and with the additional features we've added some code issues and other errors have been frequent. We apologize, but we have been keeping track of things and are working on a plan to avoid these issues. Thanks for your continued support! Keep on Gossiping!!!!


Thursday, October 16, 2014


We will be shutting down this week between 11PM-1AM PST to performance maintenance and overall configuration adjustments that I cannot do while the site is running.

During this new server upgrade We noted many issues, which have been consistent. We are researching and developing a plan to eradicate the issues (please be patient, Morgan is good, but far from perfect) ... so hopefully you will see less errors in general and things will be as fast as they are when the board isn't overloaded. For this to work it will require your patience of a few lost hours of gossip time. I realize we cross many time zones so this time may be horrible for some. Sorry.

Either way we hope to keep this short and sweet and actually make some improvements on 1 problem at a time (if not more) ... thank you for your everloving comments, suggestions, complaints, rants and especially the Gossip. Please be aware, you are appreciated and we are trying to keep you all happy. have a good night, don't stop being you!

WE ARE BACK! And very sorry for the delay!

Hello there everyone! Everything is back up and running more smoothly than ever! The new server is faster and more efficient! We hope that you will be happy with the changes we have made. 
A formal apology for how long the update took! We know how much you love your gossip, so, we sincerely apologize for the delay and promise to keep it short and sweet from now forward. 
Things are being addressed and situations and responsibilities are being revisited. Morgan is a very important part of the machine that is GG. He works very hard for all of us! So, this update took a little longer and was more frustrating, we apologize!
We welcome all constructive criticism but frown upon personal attacks. Hopefully we can have a fresh start with both our users and our staff. I hope that this message finds everyone, and finds you well.
Anywho! Everything should be running great now! If there are every any problems, feel free to let us know!
Get your gossip on!

GG is waiting for you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Server Upgrade Complete - Site Online - Guru Gossiper - The TMZ of YouTube Gurus, Rumors, & Gossip

Server upgrade complete - hopefully there are less loading issues, I will also be working out some feature and code glitches and bringing a chat system and support system online soon... more details to come. Thank you all for your hater comments and loving comments and enjoy your Gossip. Have a nice day.... - Techy Guy BipolarMorgan -

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Server Upgrade in Progress

We have taken the first steps to increasing performance and resolving many issues with the site. First of all we are upgrading to a better dedicated server with more power to process the large amount of Gossip you all seem to talk about these Guru's .... it's great. I know we have been feeling the growing pains lately of the site, but I assure you all we are working towards some better solutions for the future. There are going to be a number of improvements in reactions to issues the users receive and many other positive changes. Please keep checking here and the site or facebook for more news updates!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Status Updates

Currently working on loading issues, we've removed some of the social features in hopes to load the site better. Currently should be online, but may be loading slowly, our apologies for these consistent issues. We are working with the host provider to better understand a proper solution for the future. Thanks.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Status updates

Guru Gossip Current Status Update August 2014

We are working on several issues pertaining to connectivity and downtime, please be aware if you temporarily receive an error, wait at least five minutes to reload. Thanks.

We are also working on the Tapatalk integration and other chat features as well, please be patient.

Also, curious if any YTMD users or all of you are interested in getting YTMD put back on the full GG site, which can also stay on the YTMD domain as a mirror in case GG goes down or several other options, please visit the site and respond to my thread regarding this and other issues.

Thank you all!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

GG and YTMD status

Hey everyone. Our server is down right now. It's on HostGator's end, not ours. So, we just have to wait until they've fixed the issue. Morgan contacted them already and they said they're working on it. Keep checking back. I'll update you if we find anything else out. Sorry! :(