Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, FatNeagle decided recently to confront the Trollies. She called out to all Trollies to join her on BlogTV to talk about why she is hated so much. In true Nat style, she did this on a Friday night when most people are out doing anything but sitting in front of their computers. For the few Trollies who were about to chat, it went as expected. Nat didn't like anything that was said and played the victim as always. If you ask me, this was just another fishing trip. She was having a bad night and wanted her minions to tell her over and over how fantastic she is. Puh-lease!!!

The day after her BlogTV invite, Nat took to her blog in an attempt to get her minions to continue jumping on her bandwagon. She started her blog by randomly talking about buying some cheap makeup, being unemployed and basic dribble. Then she finally got around to taking the blog to the Trollie talk. (I'll include a link at the end so that you can go read her post and see what she had to say for yourselves.) Obviously, Nat is losing her minion support. Her blog post was a fail. She ended up getting more hate than love. So, she made the post private. Gotta love Google though! So... here's Nat's Trollie rant. Enjoy.

FatNeagle Trollie Post

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kandee Johnson Again!

Kandee Johnson the Scam Artist is at it again. On 19 March, she made a blog post thanking the people who were stupid enough to donate money to her via PayPal. Sounds nice, right? Well, yes it is... until she starts again going on and on about how much more money she is in need of in order to continue paying her solicitor for her ongoing court cases. According to Kandee, just days after posting the donate button for people to click on, she'd already received $3,500. She also claims that there was an additional $3,650.38 added into the account. So, as I said, she thanks her supporters for this money. Where this all jumps back onto the scam artist bus is when Kandee then tells her blog readers/supporters that she is going to need more than $10,000 more dollars to get her through her court appearances. She claims, "I am not saying this so anyone will want to donate, but just so you know, that each check, each penny that was sent, I put in a special envelope, which I thanked God for each of the precious hands, that in their hearts, gave with a true giving heart." In short.... please give me more money so that I can pay for my solicitor, take my friends out to eat and go shopping. In fact, just days after posting that she needs money, she posted another blog about her day out shopping with her mother and even included photos of her with her bags of new things.

This woman never ceases to amaze me. She's like the new Jim Jones. Next thing we know, she'll be convincing all of her supporters to sign over their life insurance to her and then kill themselves so that she can collect. It's a shame that scam artists like this are allowed to get away with such bullshit!!

If you'd like to read the entire blog post that she made, here is the link....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Allthatglitters21 & Juicystar07

Not much to say on this... but, I love that the ladies basically bash "Blair" for quiting school so that she can spend more time shopping!!! 

Also, everyone keeps speculating on why "Elle" and "Blair" are moving to LA. I'm going to put my money on an affiliation with The Station. "Blair" gets mentions in certain people's videos from time to time and there is also the Whatadayderek ordeal. Makes perfect sense to me. I'll bet that she is going to go work with them and have her videos done by them. Since "Blair" is under 18, she can't move there alone and her family has business ties in Tennessee. Hence the reason "Elle" is moving there with her. "Blair" needs a mommy figure. All of the talk of them doing a reality TV show and such is a bit far fetched, but The Station idea sounds plausible. "Blair" is the real ticket in their situation. Although I find her dull and at times annoying, I can see where she would appeal to young girls. "Elle" on the other hand... um NO. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Operation Don't Let Fat Neagle Win!!!

Calling all Trollies!! Nat Neagle has entered a contest to meet Bobbi Brown. According to her tweets, the top three people win. As of right now, she is in 4th place. We need to bump her down a few more spots to ensure that someone who is truly deserving actually wins. Voting is simple. Just click on whoever is right after Nat and vote for that person. Bookmark the page and keep going back to vote. 


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lack of posts and forum

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. There just isn't much going on that I feel the need to blog about. Nat Neagle is still fat and a bad mother. Kandee had her final day in court. MsFili is back and pretty boring. Pinkiecharm is still hoarding... you get my gist. In the meantime, I thought I'd link everyone to a forum where you can create your own topics and bitch about who ever is getting on your nerves. You don't have to register unless you want to post pics or links (the forum host makes that rule, not me!). So, click on the link and give it a go!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kandee Update

There is finally some news on the whole Kandee Johnson ordeal! She went to court today and plead guilty to contributing to her son's educational neglect. Shamefully, in exchange for her guilty plea on this charge, the child endangerment charges were dropped. Her sentence was a measly $130 fine and a 90 days suspended jail time. She'll now be required to report to a juvenile probation officer if her son has to miss any school. She claimed to have set three alarm clocks and to have always made sure he gets on the bus to school. This is hard to believe seeing as she is quite often not even home. It was also said that he missed so much school because of stomach issues. Her solicitor also claims that she spends hours each week putting videos onto YouTube "without compensation" WTF?!?!? I think everyone knows that YouTube partners make money. He claims that the 12 year old child took advantage of his overwhelmed mother of three. She only has custody of one child. The two younger children actually live with their father. I'd not be shocked if the true reason her son has missed so much school is because she leaves him home alone when she is off in LA and NYC doing her Glaminars.

I, for one, hope that her son has an unexcused absence from school and Kandee has to serve out her 90 days in jail. Maybe that would bring her out of the dreamworld that she lives in.

The full Record-Courier article... Kandee Article