Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Someone got busted Photoshopping!!! So, the deal is, FatNeagle posted a Twitpic of her supposed progress in her attempts to lose weight. The photos at the top are the real deal which she has now posted in her latest video, but the one at the bottom is the doctored one which she tried to pass off in her Twitpic. Everyone can see that FatNeagle has indeed lost a good deal of weight. So, why try to be fake about it, Nat? You see, this is why you get trolled and hated on so much. You're SO fake! It's like you've lost the ability to be honest about your life. First it was lies about your clothing size, then the brilliant stories of eating next to nothing for weeks on end and now the obvious doctored picture. To top it all off, you knew you got busted when people called you out so you took the time to delete over 29,000 tweets of of your twitter page. For your own good sake, Nat, take some of that money you constantly spend on yourself and do something worthwhile with it... like see a psychiatrist!

Also, isn't there a child welfare law that says children of the opposite sex over the age of 5 are not meant to be sharing a bedroom? Maybe you should set aside some of that money you spend on vacations, tattoos, shoes and makeup to get your children into a better housing situation.