Wednesday, May 23, 2018

GG / YTMD Temporary issues...

Apologies for the downtime, we were offline due to supposed Trademark Infringement. See Letter Below:
HostGator Legal Department May 17 (6 days ago) to me Hello, We received notice from an Intellectual Property Rights owner, or its authorized agent, that content posted on your website violates their intellectual property rights. Enclosed is a copy of the notification we received. Please remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing material within 48 hours, and provide written notice to us to that effect when completed. Given the serious nature of the claims alleged, we ask that you give this matter your immediate attention. If you fail to expeditiously eliminate or disable access to such allegedly infringing material, we will have no alternative but to suspend or terminate your website(s). Please reply with any questions. ------------COPY OF NOTICE------- *Re: Trademark Infringement Notice * Dear Sir or Madam: This office represents LaToya Howard and IWL Enterprises Inc. in connection with Ms.Howard's intellectual property rights. Your use of the mark(s) LaToya Forever and LaToya's LifeTM is in violation of United States Federal and common trademark law(s), common law service mark rights, trade name rights, Article 14 of the Electronic Commerce Directive, and this letter constitutes IWL Enterprise Inc.'s demand that you cease and desist any and all usage of the mark(s). LaToya Howard is the owner of U.S. Federal Trademark Reg. No. 4,798,363, (the “LaToya Forever” mark) according to United States Federal Trademark Law and Canadian common law(s). LaToya Howard has been using this mark in the United States, Canada, and around the world in conjunction with goods and entertainment since 2006; LaToya's LifeTM has been used since 2006 in conjunction with goods and entertainment and is protected by Canadian and United States trademark law(s). It has come to our attention that hosted by LLC, Endurance International Group, Inc. at IP x.x.x.x is intentionally trading on Ms.Howard's goodwill by using the trademark namely, LaToya Forever and LaToya's LifeTM. Please note we are fully aware that your hosting company has been providing services to Per our review we found the website utilizing our client's trademarks while affiliating the trademark(s) with pornographic content and falsely claiming that there's pornographic content that is representative of the mark(s). For your reference; *At the following url > the title of the > website thread and page states "Latoyaforever/ Latoya's life".* Within > this thread we have found numerous false claims that the LaToya Forever > mark is affiliated with pornography including but not limited to Playboy > Enterprises Inc. while utilizing our mark. > *At the following url > > copy on > the page published March 13, 2015 states *"I seriously feel bad for Adam, > Latoya is loud, annoying, rude, disrespectful trashy, seriously I could go > on, he feels stuck with her! I think it's hilarious how people even > Rochelle were trashing Jessie when hmmm latoya tried being on playboy , had > lots of questionable photos too...which is why she hasn't addressed the > Jessie disses omg this chick Is a freaking liar! And lately everything > has become more and more scripted" > *At the following > url > ** copy on > the page published March 27. 2015 states* "Did you guys see the links in > the LSA thread about Latoya's playboy photo shoot? Shits about to get > crazy." > *At the following > url > ** copy on the > page published December 9, 2014 states* "Yes, Can someone post the link > to her playboy nudes please? I am looking for the pictures...I found this > video:" > *At the following > url > copy on the > page published December 4, 2014* states "Wow, this girl actually took > the time to take all these so called "copyrighted" images off the internet > of her doing playboy:" > *At the following > url > copy on the > page published December 6, 2014 states* "Yes, someone at LSA found some > pics of her posing for Playboy. It was some type of boobs edition at first > only. They opened a private thread for those who wanted to see. Then they > found more pic albums of her posing nude and pulling a g-string down (like > 20 pics.) Word got back to her somehow and she contacted the site and had > them removed saying they were copyright issues, etc... There was even a > lawyer on LSA explaining no copyrights were violated. I think the photos > were bound to eventually come out. LSA can back out of having anything to > do with them, but the internet is forever too. People were scared too keep > talking about it there and were invited to come to GG to discuss it > further. So, well seee...." "Anyone want to PM me the pictures? I'm just > curious as to why she's so embarrassed and was trying so hard to get rid of > them off the internet. I hope she knows that people can right click and I'm > sure someone on LSA saved her photos...Dumb bitch." " had no idea there > were more nude/racy pics. Wow." > *At the following > url > published > March 24, 2013 the title of the website thread states* "latoyaforever". To begin your website is not authorized to utilize our client's marks in conjunction with pornographic content. Your claims that there's pornographic content representative of the marks is also false and diminishes the strength and value of the marks. Fans of both marks and brands have recognized and respected the marks as they are representative of family oriented content. It is also clear that your use of the mark(s) is intended to (and actually does) confuse and misdirect customers seeking our goods and services. Also for your reference the Official LaToya Forever website is located at likewise the Official website for LaToya's LifeTM is located at By falsely claiming to have pornographic content while utilizing and diluting our marks for your website pages you are wilfully directing traffic to your website. Please be advised according to U.S. law, in order to qualify for safe harbor protection, a service provider who hosts content must: - have no knowledge of, or financial benefit from, infringing activity on its network - once provided with knowledge, actexpeditiously to remove or disable access to the complained-of material. The Lanham Act also entitles our Client to recover from you any profits derived from the Unauthorized Activities as well as treble damages and cost incurred in defending our Client’s intellectual property rights. These flagrant, and conscious infringements of our Client’s rights further constitute a number of violations including, trademark infringement and unfair competition, intentional trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and false designation of origin under the Lanham Act. Federal and common trademark law provides numerous remedies for trademark infringement and dilution, including, but not limited to, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, money damages, a defendant's profits, provisions for the destruction or confiscation of infringing products and promotional materials, and where intentional infringement is shown, attorney's fees and treble money damages. Please consider this your formal notice that we believe your company is providing services to a website that is involved in unlawful activity infringing upon our client's trademark rights and we ask that you Cease and Desist said activity against our client, as our client and client's trademark have no affiliation with pornography. My client can also file a lawsuit against you seeking: preliminary and permanent injunctions, (ii) money damages, (iii) compensation equal to your profits, (iv) reimbursement for our attorney's fees, and (v) a court order that you compensate her for damage to her goodwill.Although we prefer to resolve this matter without taking legal action, we are prepared to file a lawsuit if necessary to protect Ms.Howard's rights. You may avoid legal action by having an authorized representative of your company respond to this letter no later than May 23, 2018 with a confirmation that Ms.Howard's mark(s), and the infringing page(s) have been completely removed from the website within the following url(s) and anywhere else on the domain; This letter is sent without prejudice to IWL Enterprises Inc. and LaToya Howard's rights and claims, all of which are expressly reserved. Please direct any communications regarding this matter to my attention. Regards, > Dean Strootman > IWL Enterprises Inc. > P.O BOX 31084 > Ajax ON LIT-3V2 > Canada Thank you, Kristin Hostgator Compliance Team

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Updates

Changes, adjustments, waiting for complaints?

Monday, May 15, 2017

GG Maintenance Update

Sorry.... for no notice... just doing some updates. Come back in an hour or so....

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Server Adjustments

I've made some adjustments to the way the server handles connections and attempted to eradicate some more bad code. I've noticed increased performance, so I'm going to take some time for more analytics and find the next big hurdle to tackle. Hopefully the next step is getting new servers setup that can handle a larger load, because we seem to be consistently outgrowing our resources, regardless of the adjustments I keep making. I know I said several times about changing hosts, and how bad hostgator is, which we all know at this point. I'm working on getting that all in place and hopefully even a full forum software change, which will eliminate many issues we are currently seeing. Thank you all for your patience and continued loyalty to this site, we want to keep this legacy alive and allow you to talk freely about all these personalities and issues you are interested in. Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Site went down ... situation unknown...

December 09, 2016 at 05:48 PM Hello, We are currently experiencing a network outage at the datacenter where your server is located. We are diligently working to resolve this issue to bring the network back online. You can track the progress of this issue in the following forum post: We apologize for the trouble that this has caused. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this issue please do not hesitate to contact us again. ------------------------------------------- Adam J. Linux Systems Administrator
Re: 12/09/16 15:00 : multiple servers : emergency network maintenance Hello, We are seeing problems with network flapping which could be caused by denial of service or other network issues in our switching fabric. We are methodically isolating the issue while making sure we don't deteriorate the network further. It's a large network and we are working on it in sections. Our best team is working through this at our data center and it is our goal to have this resolved very soon. In other words, we know this is frustrating and we are on it! Again, our sincere apologies for this inconvenience. __________________ Derrick L. Linux Administration Supervisor, LLC

As common as this happens, I'm sure I'll get all sorts of criticism, but the site went down again. I've contacted the host for a reboot, should be up shortly.... As soon as we know more, I'll post again. Apologies.... but maybe it gives you time to look at more YouTube videos to Gossip about next!?!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Server Adjustments / Updates

We had some server updates and I made some adjustments to hopefully improve performance... FYI.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Activations Fail on Bad Emails

If you did not receive the following and click the activate link when you created your account, you must have an invalid email address. You will now need to contact an admin to resolve the issue or recreate a new account with a VALID EMAIL! One that you can actually read the incoming emails and respond, preferably. If you can, and still don't receive this email upon account creation, we must be having an issue with your email domain. Please inform us and we will work as fast as possible with that email domain to get the problem resolved. Thank you. Welcome to Guru Gossip forums Please keep this e-mail for your records. Your account information is as follows: ---------------------------- Username: *************** Board URL: ---------------------------- Please visit the following link in order to activate your account: Your password has been securely stored in our database and cannot be retrieved. In the event that it is forgotten, you will be able to reset it using the email address associated with your account. Thank you for registering. -- Thank you! Lulu xx