Thursday, February 18, 2010


There has been some recent drama surrounding Irene aka Pinkiecharm about whether she is receiving free products from MAC or not. As we all know, she gets a lot of free products from Stila. I don't see how it's hard to believe that she's now getting products from MAC also. The good drama revolving around this topic comes in the form of Irene's MakeupAlley swapping. Recently she posted a video on YouTube reviewing the new Spring Forecast 1 collection. Wouldn't you know that before even making that video live she had the "free" items up for swap on MakeupAlley?!

Now, I'm not one to hate or actually even care if "gurus" get free products to review and talk about. There are a lot of brands I would have never heard of if some YouTuber hadn't talked about it. But, I think it's complete bullshit that this Fupa Queen is taking the products she's reviewed and profiting off of them via swapping. She could use the products in her little "twitaways" and I wouldn't have anything to say about it. She already makes money off of YouTube and her blog. I'm sure a lot of the Stila products that she has up for swap were given to her for free as well. 

Another thing about Pinkiecharm that confuses me is why she actually hoards all of this make up. We've all seen in her videos that she barely wears it. She sticks to very neutral and light colours yet she has heaps of bright and bold colours in her collection. 

Honestly, a blog about Pinkiecharm really could go on for ages. There is so much out there about her and then her snobby attitude just adds fuel to the trolling fire. 

Just for the lolz.... 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Baaaaaaack!!

Nom nom nom nom 

Rate the fake arse pic!

Photoshop much?

She ran like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar when she got called out on her shite, but guess what, Trollies?! Msfililocalola is back!!! She's back with style too. Her first video is of course a haul and talk about wanting sexy white men to do sexual favours for her. Ironically, you don't hear her foster children in the background this time. Now that she's gotten rid of all the videos showing them, I'm sure we'll only see videos being filmed while they are not around.

I'm placing Msfili (and her lame friend OceanJessika) on the list of YouTube/Twitter attention whores. They followed the likes of Kelel Cullen and deleted basically everything to gain a bit of attention. Neither of these girls are even partnered though. Glad to see she's back though. Oh how I love watching a train wreck!!


Not much to say about this one. Everyone knows that Glittereyes82 is pure trash. This video is hysterical though!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Attention Whores

YouTube and Twitter are chocked full of attention whores. This type of thing truly annoys me to no end. You get  people like Kalel that delete their videos and make "huge" announcements about it to attrack attention and try to gain viewers. You've got idiots like Nat Neagle that tweet every tiny detail of their lives. You've got the shite talkers like MsFili that dishes it out but runs back to the closet when it comes back to her. Then you get people like TalkinMakeUp who was once famous for being stupid enough to attempt to defend the Fowlers sisters and will now be known as the bat shit crazy chick who ranted to a few well known "gurus" about how bad they suck only to go back and tell them how sorry she was a few hours later. Come on!!! The people you called out do suck! They are completely up their own arses and don't give a flying fuck about your nutty arse! You claim to know stuff about Lisa Fowler and threatened to tell everyone about it... pah! I'm sure that was yet another one of those stunts to try and get views. News Flash, TalkinMakeUp--- It's going to take more than a fake rant on a few much hated YouTubers to get people to watch you. You had your 15 seconds of fame, but blew it by going back to plant your lips firmly back on the arses of the people you "called out".

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michelle Phan wannabe


Seriously. Does no one in Nat Neagle's life mention or hint that her hair looks like complete and total shite? Does her husband actually allow her to go out into public without suggesting that she comb it? Poor girl. I think as a public service we owe it to her. She needs to know that the odd flip/curl thing just do not look right. Plus, the bad makeup and the tiny shirt she obviously borrowed from her daughter do not help!

Also... anyone else notice the lack of FTC disclosures on her videos? I think everyone knows about her relationship with Sigma and Coastal Scents. Maybe she should also be reported.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Just FYI... I know a lot of people have mentioned they'd like to be able to chat to other Trollies. I added a chat box onto the bottom of the forum I created. Feel free to use it!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kandee Johnson Update

Things aren't looking so hot for Kandee. Her court date was yesterday and it seems as though yet another charge was brought against her. This time she's in trouble for not making her son go to school. He missed so much school during the fall semester that he failed.

She's looking guiltier and guiltier!! Here's the article talking about it...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spreading Some Love

I'm feeling sweet today and in the mood for drawing attention to someone that I actually enjoy watching on YouTube. eRaness. This guy doesn't have a ton of subscribers and mostly does contest entries, but he does some insane looks. He uses Bitch Slap Cosmetics and is kind of over the top artsy in a good way. I think that everyone should check him out and give him some love.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Someone has WAY too much time on their hands! There is a person on the Msfili post that has spent the past 4 hours copying/pasting the same comment over and over. Seriously, who is psychotic enough to sit and do that for 4 hours straight?

I'm guessing that person is attempting to get this blog shut down. Sorry. Won't work. See, it's actually the blog that needs to be publishing hate speech in order to be in violation of the TOS. Congratulations fuckwit! You've just spent 4+ hours accomplishing nothing but giving me page hits!!! Thanks.

This blog isn't going anywhere. I'm a tough chick. Say whatever you want about me and toss as many empty threats out there as you'd like. Your hate only fuels my fire.


Last week, the lovely Torok and I discussed the fact that it would be nice if there were a forum available so that people could go and start their own topics to talk about YouTubers that they either hate or love. I said I'd have no problem creating one. Well, I've done it. Let me warn you... I'm not great with that type of thing. So it is VERY basic!! I tried to make it so that you could go on there and post anon, but I can't seem to work out how to make that possible. So, you do have to register. If you want to stay anon, just go over to Hotmail, Gmail or whatever and create an email just for the forum.

If you have any helpful tips or suggestions for me, please email me! I'm always open for suggestions.

UPDATE- I think you can now post as a guest on the blog.