Sunday, May 14, 2017

GG Maintenance Update

Sorry.... for no notice... just doing some updates. Come back in an hour or so....

Monday, January 2, 2017

Server Adjustments

I've made some adjustments to the way the server handles connections and attempted to eradicate some more bad code. I've noticed increased performance, so I'm going to take some time for more analytics and find the next big hurdle to tackle. Hopefully the next step is getting new servers setup that can handle a larger load, because we seem to be consistently outgrowing our resources, regardless of the adjustments I keep making. I know I said several times about changing hosts, and how bad hostgator is, which we all know at this point. I'm working on getting that all in place and hopefully even a full forum software change, which will eliminate many issues we are currently seeing. Thank you all for your patience and continued loyalty to this site, we want to keep this legacy alive and allow you to talk freely about all these personalities and issues you are interested in. Have a Happy New Year Everyone!