Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kandee Update

There is finally some news on the whole Kandee Johnson ordeal! She went to court today and plead guilty to contributing to her son's educational neglect. Shamefully, in exchange for her guilty plea on this charge, the child endangerment charges were dropped. Her sentence was a measly $130 fine and a 90 days suspended jail time. She'll now be required to report to a juvenile probation officer if her son has to miss any school. She claimed to have set three alarm clocks and to have always made sure he gets on the bus to school. This is hard to believe seeing as she is quite often not even home. It was also said that he missed so much school because of stomach issues. Her solicitor also claims that she spends hours each week putting videos onto YouTube "without compensation" WTF?!?!? I think everyone knows that YouTube partners make money. He claims that the 12 year old child took advantage of his overwhelmed mother of three. She only has custody of one child. The two younger children actually live with their father. I'd not be shocked if the true reason her son has missed so much school is because she leaves him home alone when she is off in LA and NYC doing her Glaminars.

I, for one, hope that her son has an unexcused absence from school and Kandee has to serve out her 90 days in jail. Maybe that would bring her out of the dreamworld that she lives in.

The full Record-Courier article... Kandee Article


  1. you wish her son misses school so she can go to jail? wow, lets hope all this negativity that youre enduring upon other people doesnt come back to bite you in your ass, maby in the form of terminal cancer to your mother? I WISH!

  2. Hey looky annon up there^^^read on to learn where your generous Kandee donation money went:

    Quoted from the Record-Courier 3/03/10:

    SDchargersfan wrote:
    I was Personally in the court room today, & the prosecuting attorney was not happy with Kandee and her shenanigans. She did not look like a person who was remorseful or even had any idea what the seriousness of this situation was. I have also heard she just bought her son a new Quad, & all new gear. Another contradiction from MS Johnson, I was under the impression that she was so broke she could not afford a attorney, thus the reason for the notorious "DONATE" button on her blog, This girl is a bold faced liar, & a master manipulator. She did not learn anything from this tragic story & event. I think the best thing that could have happened to her was to server some time in jail. The worst thing out of all of this, is her son has not been taught any values about the situation, Thank goodness her 2 youngest are with the father most of the time.. THis will be my last comment on this blog.. Kandee you have some growing up to do..."

    oh and @annon-2:46am Don't bother wishing me terminal cancer too. I already have it.

  3. y do you only make posts when unknown critic does?

  4. I make posts when there is something that interests me. I've posted on the Kandee issue each time there has been an update on her situation. Camille and I rarely make posts about the same thing.

  5. KANDEE JOHNSON PLEADS GUILTY! old news, but the Record-Courier comments keep rolling in. They're an Interesting and eye opening read.

    The comment section may take a while to load (it does on my computer) but its definitely worth the wait.

  6. “This needs to become her No. 1 priority. Not her Los Angeles career, not her videos,” Dustman said.


  7. “This needs to become her No. 1 priority. Not her Los Angeles career, not her videos,” Dustman said.


  8. I think you all are stupid lowlifes. Just saying.

  9. Seriously, what is wrong with you people!? She's just some random broad who makes videos about MAKEUP. You take the time to dig into her private life and wish ill on her and her child? How pathetic must your lives be??

    I feel sorry for you that you carry so much negativity in your heart, but not as sorry as I feel for the rest of the world having to be infected by it.

    Kandee may have many flaws, but at least what she contributes to the Internet is positive, albeit completely superficial. You could learn a thing or two from her.

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