Thursday, October 16, 2014

WE ARE BACK! And very sorry for the delay!

Hello there everyone! Everything is back up and running more smoothly than ever! The new server is faster and more efficient! We hope that you will be happy with the changes we have made. 
A formal apology for how long the update took! We know how much you love your gossip, so, we sincerely apologize for the delay and promise to keep it short and sweet from now forward. 
Things are being addressed and situations and responsibilities are being revisited. Morgan is a very important part of the machine that is GG. He works very hard for all of us! So, this update took a little longer and was more frustrating, we apologize!
We welcome all constructive criticism but frown upon personal attacks. Hopefully we can have a fresh start with both our users and our staff. I hope that this message finds everyone, and finds you well.
Anywho! Everything should be running great now! If there are every any problems, feel free to let us know!
Get your gossip on!

GG is waiting for you!


  1. Once again, it says that there has been a ban out on my IP address. I've not yet established an account, so I'd love to know why I've been banned.

    1. Can you email me directly about this problem? Also, if you are having IP banning issues, please go to and send me your IP address so that I can further assist. If you have a username, please send that as well. Thank you!

    2. Thank you for being so willing to help me! I was traveling this weekend and that IP address seems to be the one that was blocked.