Wednesday, January 27, 2010

YouTube's Hot Mess of the Day.....


Yes, I am aware that this look is a "joke". 
Take 10 minutes out of your day to 
click on a few of her other looks. Making 
fun of someone else is kind of lost on 
me when your daily makeup is more 
dramatic than most drag queens. 
She's WOW!!!


  1. Aaaaw..Im jealous!

    When I fill in my eyebrows with a Black SHARPIE they nevvvvver look this good!

    Nice job, now we know why you call yourself "The Queen of Blending" =)

  2. I hate this fat bitch, she thinks she is queen of more than just makeup...after watching some of her 'tells it like it is' videos I unsubbed to this ghetto cow. She needs to stick to makeup and not tell people about her fucked up morals/opinions.

  3. I like how she does makeup:) i have watched many if her videos