Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Train Wreck

This weekend's Train Wreck is OceanJessika. Her videos are chocked full of cleavage, lips pouts and hair flipping. Good times!


  1. hahahahahahha that chick is a piece of work.

  2. How sad are you for creating this.. How much time do you have on your hands to devote to such pettiness.. How rude of Juicy Tuesday to call someone fat.. It blows my mind that there's as many subs as she has when she can be so critical .. I think everyone who's actually over the age of 20 seriously needs to start acting it.. This youtube drama should be left for the kids who are high school age.. not grown women! Come on off of it!! GROW UP!!

    1. Really! These are the worst. I read them to see how low life these people making them are. Is it that hard to be nice to people? We were given freedom of speech for the good not for the person who sits on their ass all day writing these.

  3. Can someone tell wtf is going on? Weren't juicy and msfili friends? Also, I think its obvious that the owner of this blog is friends with juicy. I mean one minute they are defending msfili againt kandees little horde of morons and the next day they are trashing her ass hardcore. WTF happened? I love both so this is really weird.


    hahaha - it gets worse