Friday, October 17, 2014


We will be shutting down this week between 11PM-1AM PST to performance maintenance and overall configuration adjustments that I cannot do while the site is running.

During this new server upgrade We noted many issues, which have been consistent. We are researching and developing a plan to eradicate the issues (please be patient, Morgan is good, but far from perfect) ... so hopefully you will see less errors in general and things will be as fast as they are when the board isn't overloaded. For this to work it will require your patience of a few lost hours of gossip time. I realize we cross many time zones so this time may be horrible for some. Sorry.

Either way we hope to keep this short and sweet and actually make some improvements on 1 problem at a time (if not more) ... thank you for your everloving comments, suggestions, complaints, rants and especially the Gossip. Please be aware, you are appreciated and we are trying to keep you all happy. have a good night, don't stop being you!


  1. thank you for letting us know, and for the time frame within which maintenance will occur :)

  2. No problem! As we said before, we are trying to revisit a lot of things... Letting you guys in on the action is one of them!

  3. I am absolutely baffled I have gone to log on only to find I have been permanently banned from the site! I use the site to read up on the gossip and have never commented on any boards never mind left anything offensive. Has this happened to anyone else?

  4. Sight has been down fore since last night, oct 22 it's now 10 am October 23 what's going on.