Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, FatNeagle decided recently to confront the Trollies. She called out to all Trollies to join her on BlogTV to talk about why she is hated so much. In true Nat style, she did this on a Friday night when most people are out doing anything but sitting in front of their computers. For the few Trollies who were about to chat, it went as expected. Nat didn't like anything that was said and played the victim as always. If you ask me, this was just another fishing trip. She was having a bad night and wanted her minions to tell her over and over how fantastic she is. Puh-lease!!!

The day after her BlogTV invite, Nat took to her blog in an attempt to get her minions to continue jumping on her bandwagon. She started her blog by randomly talking about buying some cheap makeup, being unemployed and basic dribble. Then she finally got around to taking the blog to the Trollie talk. (I'll include a link at the end so that you can go read her post and see what she had to say for yourselves.) Obviously, Nat is losing her minion support. Her blog post was a fail. She ended up getting more hate than love. So, she made the post private. Gotta love Google though! So... here's Nat's Trollie rant. Enjoy.

FatNeagle Trollie Post


  1. GREAT POST! I hate that fat pathetic bitch. Her fishing expeditions are so sickening. Go eat a pot roast and when you're finished licking your fat jowls, get your fat belly button pierced if you can poke thru the flab. I can't. I just can't with that hippo.
    She reminds me of Jabba The Hut. Fake Fat fucking bitch.

  2. She needs to sell her stupid designer crap, quit hoarding expensive makeup and worry more about saving money. If they quit wasting money on trips and eating out I'm pretty sure they would actually be able to move out of the dinky apartment and into a townhome or house. Maybe if she were REAL with people and didn't try to act like someone she obviously isn't then people wouldn't dislike her so much. I dislike her because she lives outside her means when she has 2 children. She needs to grow up a bit.

  3. Totally agree. ^^

    This is what bugs me the most about her.
    She seems to want to live as a 20 something when that isnt her reality.
    When you decide to have kids, you provide for them first. Bottom line.
    Nat needs to learn that sometimes you go without because you are not the priority.

    Your job as a parent is making sure you give them the best you can. That doesnt mean taking them on sprees at build a bear and gamestop Nat. That means buying a home large enough for a family of 4.
    Those kids deserve their own cute room.
    They need a clutter free clean place.
    That should come, Gucci, Coach...all that can wait.
    She isn't doing that...and yet she brags about her education and high paying job. wtf... I would be embarrassed.

    If she were established (owned a nice comfortable home for her family)...and went out shopping and *cough* bragged about it all...I wouldnt be as annoyed.
    We all deserve to splurge... but usually it's after our shits in order.
    Having designer goods sitting around your craptastic hoarder-style apartment though, is laughable natty. You are 30 years old. ugh.

    Seriously..she tweets all the time about what she ordered on amazon, or that they are out shopping again. I swear...I don't know a family that shops and spends as a hobby like these people do. Beyond means is right.
    It's not proving to anyone that you have money Natty... no one is envious.
    It makes you look pathetic and never satisfied.


  4. I don't understand why is she doing such a things to her self and her kids? I do understand her need to be "famous", I do like her work ( and work only ), she is good at that, but this money problem, problem with Jordan.... it makes me puke! I have been reading an article about Jordan missing the bus and her excuses about it! Pathetic! I shouldn't be judging anyone, so I am giving my best to avoid that tone, yet, it is hard commenting this subject without the judging tone. It is not easy being parent at all, but there for, allot of people use protection as we are aware of our own capabilities.

  5. U people have no lives at all u stick up for them not be mean to them how would u feel if that was u

  6. What if was u stupid people

  7. I'm not sure if I'm being daft but who are you talking about? :)