Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor Kandee

In the beginning I didn't have much to say about this whole Kandee situation. It's getting insane now though. The donate button started things off. Now she's posting videos of herself being all sad and sullen to gain sympathy. Worst of all in my opinion is her getting her subscribers to attack other YouTubers such as Msfililocalola. 

Msfililocalola has this fantastic contest going on right now where you submit a video impersonating your favourite guru. There's nothing mean about this contest. It's a contest that is all in good fun and I've yet to see a single submission that takes things into the realm of being mean. Kandee obviously cant handle anyone impersonating her though. Come on Kandee... man up!! You're the one that put yourself on YouTube for all of the world to see. You're the one who chose to blog about having to go to court and got the gossip trains rolling. You've brought this all onto yourself. There is no reason for people to feel sorry for you. If you're innocent of your charges, the courts will find you so. You've created a scandalous situation for yourself and it's ridiculous that you are scooping so low as to have your "fans" attack others. You're constantly posting woe is me things on your twitter/facebook. Why don't you brush your shoulders off and go back to doing the fake, over the top happy clown act that you normally do. This whole feel sorry for me and don't attack me (but attack anyone who says something about me) thing is getting old!!!


  1. Where does she tell her "fans" to attack other youtubers like msfililocalola????

  2. Your court date is coming up Feb.3rd ..better get crackin with a new BooHoo whoa-is-me video so more people will hit that donation button of yours before its too late...lawyers are greedy & time is money you know!

    oh, and dont forget to use that new $800 camera you purchased just a few days ago! =)

    May you have a lovely day filled with Rainbow Skittles and Bole Weavels. God Bless.

  3. I don't care if Kandee Johnson murders children..she is and always will be the most annoying person I've ever watched on YT. Her fake 'happy' personality is only the high she is on from those friggen pills she could anyone find some fucking weirdo who asks people for money an inspiration? Hey Kandee if you are reading why don't you tell everyone who is your fan to stop bashing and attacking other YTers..oh wait this is the reason you were put on pills in the first place you sicko. (pssst time to switch your meds, they aren't working!!)

  4. Kandee's hearing is today. I'm looking forward to an update in the Nevada Record-Courier. (original articles, links below)


    A message to Kandee's lemmings: you better continuously hit that DONATE button. Your precious "good mom" Kandee is in deep doo-doo.

  6. Wow you all have nothing better to do but hate on people who are obviously kind hearted. Obviously none of you are Christians.